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Better Plans. Better Plan Management

By delivering up to date and forward thinking benefit solutions to employers, BXLA provides its clients with the confidence that its plans are both efficient and well managed. BXLA is continually seeking techniques to improve benefits and reduce costs.

Examples include:

Network Mgmt / Direct Primary Care

Centers of Excellence

Specialty Rx Carve Out

Prescription Importation

Stop Loss Captive


Customized benefits strategies designed to fit unique needs.


Deep expertise in benefits and HR management and a myriad of available industry leading solutions and services.

Cost Containment & Renewal

BXLA has developed an extensive strategic planning process to evaluate and determine the best and most cost effective solutions for our clients. Our expertise lends itself to new plan designs and other creative ideas.

Benefits & HR Management

The heart of what we do rests in our ability to provide comprehensive benefit consultation and HR management services. Our solutions streamline your benefits process, relieving your compliance and administrative burdens.

Employee Communication

Employees cannot optimize their benefits if they don’t understand how to use them. BXLA offers a comprehensive, multi media platform of employee education and employee education materials.

ACA & HR Compliance

Our in-house Chief Compliance Officer gives you the edge you need by keeping you abreast of the changing and often confusing compliance environment. Our hands-on approach allows us to control results.

HR Technology

Improve your HR department with our cutting-edge technology. We use a combination of proprietary and licensed technology to provide our clients with the latest HR administration tools, systems, and software.

Employee Advocacy

BXLA’s dedicated account management team and call center provide direct support for claims and billing issues, provider access problems, and any other general healthcare questions that you or your employees may have.


Wellness and risk management cannot be generic. From coordinating biometric screenings to staffing on-site wellness clinics, we take the time to understand our clients’ unique circumstances, needs and more.

Retirement Planning

Our licensed and tenured investment professionals offer best-in-class asset management and retirement planning advice designed specifically to meet the unique needs of our clients and the varied needs of their employees.